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Your Survival Guide : Security Breaches

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Security Breaches

Did you ever face Security breach in your computer which is connected to the internet or not connected to the internet? I guess the answer would be yes. So what you do in those circumstances, you called a technician or a tech guy at your place to fix your computer or laptop or other peripheral or connected devices, you asked him for tea, coffee or cold drink and then you pay him something around $1000 or More for one time fix.  I would say just ignore them, your local technician are more dangerous than a Trojan and harmful than a spyware. They all are bunch of crooks.

What should you do?

You should contact the third party certified tech support companies, they will charge you something around $130 to $200 for one time fix plus they will provide you technical support for whole year. Technical Support is meant to be: Support for Computers, laptops, printers and other peripherals or connected devices. If you need lifetime support, they do have the option for that. They will charge you something around $500 and‘ll take care of your computers, Printers, laptops and whatever connected devices you have. These tech support firm could be found easily by typing “Technical Support Today” or “Best Tech 247” in Google or whatever search engine you are using.

Ok I got it, what should I do in order to get Technical Support Services? How can I pay?

Well the process is very simple just give them a call at their toll free numbers (depends from where you are calling from UK, USA or Canada), after the payment (by Credit or Debit Card and by cheque) a technician will take the remote of your computer, laptop or any connected devices to fix your issues.

Should I call them in a regular basis?

For a good working and a healthy computer you need to call them regularly. They will do regular checkup and run advanced scan in your computer or laptop. In order to find spywares or malwares and get rid of them you need to utilize your complimentary or paid services.

What if I don’t like their services?

You can simply ask for refund or a partial refund if you do not wish to continue their services, which is very rare.

How can I trust them?

Tech scam are on the rise and you should verify which company you are calling, what is there track record and what is their reseller rating?

Our recommendation:

We recommend Best Tech 247 a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner company and with the trusted resseller ratings.

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