How to Make Your PC Faster ? SpeedUp Slow Computer!

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           How to Make Your Computer Faster ?
             Speed Up Slow Computer!

Speedup Slow Computer

I think many of you are suffering from this problem,right? There are many reason your computer might be slow, while computer perform slowly you will feel like below person, now you don’t have to worry about it here is the solution of that problem, you must follow below steps and sure you will increase your PC speed. But before jumping on the steps your must have to know about the reasons why computer performs slowly. Than only we can resolve the problems. Some problems i have mentioned on the below list check it out. Indicate reasons.


  1. If you are using unnecessary applications than it became slower. (in windows 8).
  2. If you are using unwanted or unnecessary software’s.
  3. If computer is affected by Virus.
  4. If computer doesn’t meet the software requirement.
  5. Less hard disk space.
  6. Less RAM size.
  7. Internet
  8. Start Up- applications.
  9. Temporary files.
  10. More files on desktop.
  11. Registry errors.
  12. Computer processor overheating.
  13. Old hardware parts.
  14. Old driver software.
  15. 2 or more than two antivirus.
  16. Background programs.

How to Fix Them All.

Dear readers, you don’t have to bring any expert to fix these problems on your computer, you have to become expert, i mean to say that you are the expert now, now lets start how to fix them all.

1. Un-Necessary Applications: 


I am not saying that all windows 8 or other windows applications are un-necessary. If you are not using that applications and you must remove them or turn off them all from updates. Check how many applications are running.[Right click on taskbar>>Task Manager>> App History, Process, Start-Up.]


Are you going to use them all. If you are not going to use them all than you can turn off them from live. In windows 8 applications will make your computer slow if they are live (processing) than they are taking processing space and using internet, they will make your computer slow, If you are not using any application than you can remove, uninstall or turnoff them. That’s it.

2. Un-Necessary Software’s.

Installing of Un-necessary software will make your computer slow, installation of software will take your Drive- storage capacity and if they are running (hidden) than that makes your computer slow. So you have to remove them all and make your computer faster. eg. Un-necessary utility software’s, video player, tv-player, and toolbar and etc.

3. Virus Attack.

I think all you heard about virus, virus is the diseases like AIDS[ AIDS can't removed but don't worry Virus can be removed], You can’t think how fast virus will attack, how fast it will modify your computer files, some time it makes your computer files hidden, sometimes it makes copy of your computer files —– Now we can say that virus are the malware, which can be executed and after executing it will modify your computer programs and files. Cures: The top most cure of removing virus and caring form virus is -Installing of Antiviruses. Using of Internet Security.  Windows 8,  You have Windows Defender, you have to update it and enable it.

Top 10 Antivirus List of 2014:


4. Software Requirements.

You must have to install software with specific (Specified) requirement, example of software requirements or specifications,

This is the example of Autodesk Maya Animation Software

  • Autodesk Maya 2014 is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware:
  • Windows® 8 Professional edition, Windows® 7 Professional edition, Apple® Mac OS® X 10.7.x or 10.8.x, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.2 W S, or Fedora™ 14 Linux operating system
  • 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
  • 4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB recommended)
  • 2 GB of free disk space for installation
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Apple® Safari®, or Mozilla® Firefox® web browser
  • 3-button mouse

If your computer doesn’t have the specified requirements of software’s than it will make your computers slow. Keep in mind.

5. Hard Disk Space.


If you have less hard disk space than also your computer might be slow down, so you have to upgrade hard disk or delete un-necessary files, clean up C: drive dont put too many files in C: drive, delete un-wanted and keep safe needed files.

6. RAM Size:

Some time your computer may not meeting software requirements. As we all know about RAM (Random Access Memory- Check Above i have given the link of Abbreviation Collection (If you don’t know))

So we are going to suggest you to upgrade RAM minimum 1 GB or 2 GB – Not More than hardware requirements.

7. Internet. 

Internet is the most popular and famous place to get attacked by viruses, As i have above talked on viruses topic, you must have to use Internet Security with Antivirus. [Kapersky Internet Security].  Clear browsing history, clear cookies, it will creates temp files so remove temp files. If you remove browsing history than it will make browser faster and internet faster.

8. Start-Up Applications.

Your computer might work slowly because of start-up overload, if you have installed too many software’s and you have enables all for start-up than definitely your computer will work very slow so minimized start-up programs and applications, disable them from task-manager.

9. Temporary Files.

Temporary files are automatically create, if you made any news tasks and it will contains every information about your computer, I think all of you introduce with that temporary files are Un-necessary but temporary files are very important which installing any softwares or while using any kinds of applications, It will work like as RAM. But don’t worry it will not harm you i wanted to give the information about temporary files how they are created and are they important for not. Cure: Run: %temp% – ok- delete all temp files. Run: temp folder -ok- delete all temp files.

10. More Files on Desktop.

My suggestion is that please don’t keep too many files on Desktop, sometime you may lose all file by the cause of crashing windows, and most important thing is that putting many files on desktop is that it takes space of C: Drive as i have above talked on the topic of Hard Disk Space, it will make your computer slow. So you have to decrease the putting files on desktop, you have to kept them all in your other drives as a backup.


There are too many cause to make slow downs your 10 i have explained, there are some others which i am going to show below in different way..

Empty Recycle Bin:

Don’t kept deleted data on recycle bin, if you needed than save on other drives and make them backup otherwise un-wanted files delete them from recycle bin also.


Disk Clean Up:

It will definitely help you to increase your computer speed, again it will help you to delete un-necessary temporary files, temporary web-pages, system log file internet temporary files and  many more,


  • Right click on System Drive: C:
  • Click on Disk Clean Up.
  • Select All files.
  • Click on Ok.
  • Delete.

Remove Un-Necessary Widgets:

If you are using Windows 7, VISTA, Black Edition, MAC OS or such others, don’t use widgets, it will take your computer processing speed and size.

Use Fragmentation Tools:

In your computer there are many files which are place by unmanned way they occupied many space on computer, so you must fix this problem, in Windows Xp Disk Di-fragment tool you can use.

XP- >>Go my computer properties>> Tools>> Disk Di-fragment.
Windows 8- >>C: Drive(System Drive Properties) >> Tools>> Optimize.>>Analyze or Optimize.

Xp- Windows 8- >>C: Drive(System Drive Properties) >> Tools>> Check.


Redundant Un-Necessary Programs:

Don’t put similar program too many times, it will take size and processing size also, than it will make your computer slow.

Always Check Updates:

Checking of updates will make your windows up-to-date, it is also the make your computer faster. R

Run>>Control>>Windows Update. 

Log off Users:

If you have more users than if they are switched than they are taking the space and they are taking processing speed so completely log off them.

Delete Temp Files: 

I have already talks about this topic above.

Powered Tools for Making Your Computer Faster:

  1. CCleaner:  CCleaner is also known as Crap Cleaner Utility tool, which is one of the top most used utility software to speed up your computer, It will delete potinally unwanted files and it will fix registry errors also. It has di-fragmentation tool also. for fragmented files.
  1. Install Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essential is one of the best Antivirus.
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