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Declutter Your Computer for better security and more storage!

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Your desk may be clean right now, but what about your computer? Decluttering your computer files is definitely an important task to keep up with. If you haven’t done it in a while, you may find your computer running painfully slow, and it may be difficult to find much-needed files. Here are a few tips for spring cleaning your computer, including your online life.

Follow Steps below and Declutter your Computer for better Security and more storage.

First Step: Set up a logical filing system.

• Try to mirror your paper filing system on your computer. The more your main folders resemble the names and categories you use to file paper, the easier it will be for you to both find and file various documents.

• Create a “working file” or “pending” folder, which lives on your desktop and can hold anything you are currently working on and need to access quickly and easily. While much of your computer may be used for the archiving of information, the “working file” folder can hold the most relevant information and projects.

Second Step: You should organize your bookmarks.

Just as you may have random files floating around your hard drive, you more than likely have a ton of bookmarks that are not organized in any particular way.

Third Step: Hard Drive Cleaning.
A few ways to clean up your computer include:

•Deleting any old working drafts of documents that are no longer needed or have been replaced by more updated versions.

•Deleting files that you created but never did anything with or have no documents in.

•Eliminating files that have different names but contain the same duplicate materials.

•Dumping files that are so old that the information in them is outdated and never used.

One caution: If you need to keep any files for a legal reason, either:

•Print them out on paper and keep a hard copy.

•Create a special folder on the computer for “legal.”

•Transfer them to a backup disk.

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Declutter your PC for better security and more storage

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